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The Art of Gift Giving: 5 Cigars for the Cigar Lover in Your Life

May 1, 2024

Italian-style, dry-cured cigars made with fire-cured tobacco make wonderful gifts for both new cigar smokers and the most experienced cigar aficionados. With no humidor needed to keep them fresh, Avanti cigars are a hit for everyone!

With so many cigars to choose from, finding the perfect cigar can be daunting. Luckily, we’ve got the ideal cigar for every type of cigar lover. 

If they like to stand out… give Parodi Superiore. 

Parodi Superiore is big on size and flavor! This iconic cigar offers a more satisfying smoke experience thanks to its long format and bold ring gauge. This balanced, full-bodied smoke quickly evolves and stands out with its roasted notes.

If they’re strong (yet sweet!)… give Avanti Vanilla. 

Fire-cured tobacco and rich vanilla. Give them a cigar as complex as they are with the delightful flavor of Avanti Vanilla.

If they treat you like royalty… give Parodi Kings. 

This cigar is fit for a KING! Parodi Kings offer a satisfying, well-rounded taste with smoky, roasted notes. The King of Parodi cigars delivers a longer, medium- to full-bodied smoking experience.

If they’re new to cigars… give the Avanti Flavors Collection. 

Finding a favorite cigar is the gift that keeps on giving! Try an assortment of our sweetest cigars with the Avanti Flavors Collection and experience all of the flavors that Avanti has to offer.

If they’re that special someone… give Parodi Speciale. 

Parodi Speciale offers an extra special smoke experience with an extra kick! The roasted, slightly spicy notes offer a harmonic smoke. This cigar pairs well with both aged and red wine, making Parodi Speciale a great gift for wine lovers as well. 

Or, browse our entire selection of fire-cured cigars to find the perfect match.