Our Tobacco

Great Cigars Come from Great Harvesting.

Carefully Grown and Cultivated

Kentucky Dark Fired
Specific botanical variety grown and cured in selected areas of the world


Dark Air Cured (DAC)
Subtropical, used for other Caribbean/Cuban style cigars

Central/South America
North America
Central Africa

Avanti Cigars are made using USA Grown Kentucky Tobacco.

High Stalk Position

High Nicotine
Low Sugar
Heavy Body
Rich (oil, gum)

Low Stalk Position

High Sugar
Low Nicotine
Thin Body

For Kentucky tobacco, the stalk position is very important to taste. We concentrate on the leaf and cutter sections of the tobacco plant to harvest our wrapper tobacco. The lugs and primings are then used for filler tobacco.

The art of dark fire curing

During the fire curing process, the tobacco becomes dark and oily. The aroma becomes smokey, which can change based on the type of wood used. The carefully chosen wood smolders on the floor of a barn as the leaves are exposed to the smoke. This slow and controlled process lasts a month, and only then is the tobacco ready for fermentation.

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Our Cigars are made with 100% Dark Fire-Cured Tobacco Without Any Binder

See our Process
avanti cigar tobacco leaves

Process the Wrapper Leaves

Wrapper leaves are processed into bobbins and sent to the Avanti Cigar Company factory to be used in cigar making. During fermentation, these wrapper leaves sweat oils and reduce in nicotine to develop a richer flavor and color.

Selecting only the best filler tobacco leaves

Our air flow system removes any sub-par product or debris from the Kentucky tobacco filler. This is then moved to the rolling machine to fill the cigars.

fire cured cigars, tobacco, avanti cigars

True Fire-Cured cigars with a full-bodied flavor.

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