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No Humidor Needed

No Humidor Needed with Fire-cured Cigars

August 14, 2022

Nothing should stand in the way of enjoying your cigars, including the need for an expensive humidor. Purchasing a humidor can be one of the biggest reasons people are discouraged from getting into cigars.

Cigar Humidor

Humidors control the temperature and humidity of the space the cigars occupy and they can come in a variety of sizes ranging from portable units to walk-in humidors that can take up an entire room. Setting up and managing your humidor can take time and money that you might prefer to spend on enjoying your cigars. 

Without a humidor, most cigars dry out and become stale, but not Avanti cigars! Our dry-aged cigars made with fire-cured tobacco don’t require a humidor to stay fresh. They can sit comfortably in a tackle box or golf bag while you enjoy a game. You can even travel with Avanti cigars (without a humidor taking up precious cargo space!)

The convenient nature of fire-cured cigars is what makes Avanti the perfect choice for both new and experienced cigar smokers alike. Everyone’s cigar-smoking journey is different. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or new to the cigar game, a fire-cured cigar will travel well for anyone. Shop online to find your new favorite cigar here.