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Tobacco and bourbon share similar roots

September 17, 2022

Happy Bourbon Heritage Month! To celebrate, let’s take a look at the history of Bourbon and its relationship to cigars through the years. 

Bourbon and cigars have been intertwined for centuries. The iconic pairing is said to have originated when Great Britain and Spain worked together during the Anglo-Spanish War (1779–1783). Rumor has it that the pairing was born when the British supplied whiskey from Scotland and the Spaniards brought their beloved Cuban cigars. 

Kentucky has also been the home of Bourbon since distillers in the state began making distinctive types of corn-based whiskey in the 1780s. In fact, 95% of all Bourbon in the world comes from the Bluegrass State. When Bourbon came onto the scene, it joined its rightful place alongside Kentucky tobacco cigars. Last year alone, almost 50,000 acres of tobacco were harvested in Kentucky. Kentucky tobacco is currently in cigars like our Kentucky Cheroots!

Bourbon and cigars are both meant to be enjoyed slowly, allowing you to relax and exhale. Bourbons are typically sweeter than rye whiskey because they have a 51% higher corn content, making them perfect to pair with a flavorful cigar. 

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