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12 Cigars of Avanti

December 1, 2023

Celebrate the holiday season with Avanti! This year at Avanti, we’re celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas with 12 different cigars and pairing them up with some holiday cheer. These holiday pairings will go well with your favorite smokes this Christmas season.

Avanti Cherry

Day 1: Avanti Cherry & Barolo Red

Compliment your roasted and sweet Avanti Cherry cigars with a glass of Barolo red wine. The combination of the sour touch of mature cherries alongside the hint of woody Kentucky tobacco and a glass of classic dry Barolo red wine go hand in hand for a great-tasting smoke.

Avanti Anisette and a cup of coffee

Day 2: Avanti Anisette & Cappuccino

For a strong and sweet cigar like Avanti Anisette, pair it with the roasted flavor of coffee beans. The sweet and woody profile of this cigar compliments the strong and sweet flavor of a cup of cappuccino.

Avanti Vanilla

Day 3: Avanti Vanilla & Vanilla Hot Chocolate

The sweet aroma of Avanti Vanilla with the creamy hints of caramel and maple match perfectly with a nice hot cup of vanilla hot chocolate. Get ready for the holiday season by pairing these two for your next smoke session.

Avanti Licorice

Day 4: Avanti Licorice & Peppermint Schnapps

Avanti Licorice offers a balance between the sweet flavors of licorice and what some folks describe as a minty aftertaste. Alongside your cigars, add some holiday fun by pairing it with a peppermint schnapps cocktail.

Day 5: Avanti Bourbon & Whiskey

Avanti Bourbon cigars feature the warmth of bourbon combined with the intense wood notes of Kentucky Tobacco. Our cigars contain a persistent sweet taste of bourbon until the end of the smoke experience. Mix it up this holiday season with a glass of whiskey to go alongside your Bourbon cigars.

Day 6: Parodi Superiore & Cabernet Sauvignon

With a cigar that is big on size and flavor, Parodi Superiore cigars are balanced with full-bodied smoke and smoky, roasted notes and aged for more than 3 years. Combine this cigar with an aged cabernet sauvignon red wine for some festive fun!

Parodi Ammezzati Christmas

Day 7: Parodi Ammezzati & Italian Pilsner

One of our most popular cigars, Parodi Ammezzati contains a blend of fire-cured handpicked Tobacco from Kentucky and Tennessee and it is aged for more than 3 years. Pair this quick smoke with an Italian pilsner to celebrate the holiday in Italian style.

Parodi Ammezzati XL at Christmas

Day 8: Parodi Ammezzati XL & Red Wine

This medium-bodied cigar holds a strong character with a large emphasis on flavor. With it being slightly sharp, pair the Pardoi Ammezzati XL with a glass of red wine for your holiday smokes.

Parodi Speciale Holiday

Day 9: Parodi Speciale & Sugar Cookie Martini

Made with a top-grade wrapper of select dark fire-cured tobacco, Parodi Speciale cigars receive a special fermentation process that provides the cigar with a bold and harmonic taste. With a mixture of smooth and spicy, mix it together with a sugar cookie martini this Christmas season.

Day 10: Parodi Kings & Prosecco

The King of Parodi offers a satisfying taste that is rounded with smoky, roasted aromatic notes. For this holiday season, pair these pleasant smoky cigars with a light, bubbly prosecco for your cold smokes this winter season.

Ramrod at Christmas

Day 11: Ramrod & Eggnog

Our Ramrod cigars contain a typical sweet aroma of bourbon combined with the intense wood notes of Kentucky tobacco. What goes better with bourbon than eggnog? We recommend pairing your Ramrod cigars with a cool glass of eggnog to get in the holiday spirit.

Day 12: Kentucky Cheroots & Chianti Red

Get ready for the holidays this year by pairing your Kentucky Cheroots cigars with a glass of Chianti red wine. These cigars offer an elegant, bitter taste. The typical toasted notes and peppery hints this cigar offers balance itself out between peppery and spicy.

Are you feeling festive yet? Get ready for the holiday season with your favorite cigars. Get them from our shop just in time for the holidays.