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Fishing and enjoying avanti and parodi cigars

Summer Fun with Avanti Cigars

August 4, 2023

Summer is the perfect time to relax, enjoy the nice weather, and light up your favorite cigars, whenever and wherever you go. Our individually wrapped, dry-cured cigars made with fire-cured tobacco don’t need to be stored in a humidor, making Avanti cigars the perfect companion for all your summer adventures. We’ve been having fun this summer! 

Backyard BBQs

Summertime and BBQs go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re lighting the grill or firing the smoker, don’t forget your favorite Avanti cigars. Enjoy the cigars you love alongside your favorite BBQ dishes. Whether you’re in your own backyard or visiting a friend, take the pack with you without worrying about the humidor, too. 


Packing for a weekend camping trip away from home? Don’t worry about dragging your humidor with you or forgetting to pack a cigar cutter. Our individually wrapped cigars are precut and ready to smoke right out of the cellophane sleeve. Relaxing by the campfire is even better with a robust, fire-cured cigar. Just don’t forget your lighter!  

Road Trips

If you’re hitting the road this summer, all you need is a pack of Avanti cigars and a lighter to light up on the road. Don’t worry about getting to your destination before you finish your cigar. Our cigars are made with dry-cured tobacco and no filler, so they won’t turn bitter or change the flavor if you need to take a break and relight your cigar later.


You’ve already got enough gear to take with you while fishing. Don’t worry about a bulky humidor as well. Just throw a pack (or two!) in your tackle box and you’re ready to go! 


What better way to enhance your golf game than with a cigar by your side? Avanti cigars are a golfer’s best friend. Toss a few individually wrapped cigars in your golf bag without worrying about them losing freshness. Never waste your cigars again! Smaller ring gauges and shorter cigars leave a shorter smoke, meaning you won’t have to worry about running out of time to finish your cigar during the game. 

Individually wrapped, dry-cured cigars made with fire-cured tobacco are the perfect companion for all your favorite summer activities. Which cigar are you lighting up with this summer? Grab your favorite pack in our shop and keep the adventures going!