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Golf & Cigars – The Perfect Pair

June 26, 2019

The fact that golf and cigars are a perfect pairing is a no brainer. Whether you want to focus and stay competitive or relax and unwind, a cigar is a wonderful accompaniment to your time outside on the green. There are thousands of cigar options out there, so it’s helpful to select a cigar that’s better suited to the outdoors.


Why Kentucky fire-cured tobacco cigars are a great choice for when you’re hitting the links:
  • Tobacco leaves are thicker and don’t melt in your mouth
  • Fire-curing fixes oils and resins so you don’t need to worry about continuous humidification
  • Can be smoked by the half & can be re-lit while keeping the same great taste


Our Recommendation:

Our Parodi Superiore is an excellent choice if you love the standard long cigar formats for while you’re golfing. The bold size of 6 ¼” with a ring gauge of 40 means that your smoking experience will last through 7-8 holes. This balanced, full-bodied smoke quickly evolves and stands out with its smoky, roasted notes.

Parodi Superiore Tip: you can always cut it in the middle and have 2 identical half cigars to share with your golfing buddies or to experience the bolder impact and stronger body this shape delivers.

After your round, enjoy one of our flavored Avanti cigars with a cocktail, such as Avanti Bourbon or Avanti Vanilla.

The Real Truth About Must-Have Accessories:
  • Cigar Cutter
    • No need to worry about a cutter for our Avanti and Parodi cigars, as they are already cut in the middle and have open tips!
    • A cutter would come in handy if you want to try our Parodi Superiore cut in half.
  • Cigar Storage or Travel Humidor
    • A sturdy container prevents your cigars from being crushed and keeps them fresh in your golf bag, but with Avanti and Parodi, you don’t need to worry about humidification. These cigars are sold in small packs, plus the thicker tobacco can easily survive a sunny summer day on the course.
  • Lighters
    • A  breezy golf course isn’t the place for matches, so make sure you have a torch lighter with you to get and keep your cigar lit.
  • Cigar Holder or Cigar Clip
    • A cigar holder is very useful to have when it’s your turn to swing! 
Don’t forget etiquette!

Mind your manners on the course and follow the simple guidelines below to ensure a good time for all.

  • Keep on eye on the wind direction if you’re golfing with non-smoking partners. Chances are they won’t enjoy a sudden gust of smoke to the face!
  • Don’t drop ashes on the green.
  • Don’t set your cigar down anywhere that it can leave burn marks.
  • Make sure your cigar is out completely and that you properly dispose of the nub.

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