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A pack of Kentucky Cheroots by the smoker

Kentucky Flavor Meets Kentucky BBQ

June 14, 2023

When the sun starts shining, we’re ready to start up the smoker! With a flavor as big and bold as Kentucky itself, Kentucky Cheroots are best paired with something as intense and full of flavor as they are. 

What better to pair with some of our favorite cigars than a delicious variety of smoked meats? The smokiness of these meats enhances the distinctive, bold notes of Kentucky Cheroots. 

Smoked Brisket

One of the smoked classics, we’d classify smoked brisket as tender and flavorful perfection. The rich and robust flavors of this beloved cut of beef complement the toasted, slightly spicy notes of Kentucky Cheroots. Each bite of smoky, melt-in-your-mouth brisket compliments the cigar’s intensity which will leave you wanting more. 

Smoked Ribs

Smoked ribs are juicy, smoky, and tender. Just like Kentucky Cheroots, we can’t get enough! The bold, spiciness of Kentucky Cheroots beautifully contrasts with the sweet and savory flavors of the ribs, creating a delightful balance that elevates your entire smoke experience. 

Smoked Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are versatile and the flavor combinations are endless. Add whatever flavors and spices you like to create the perfect, smoky bite every time. The strong and determined character of Kentucky Cheroots holds its ground alongside the savory notes of smoked poultry, forming an unforgettable pairing that has our mouths watering.

Smoked Mozzarella

Don’t let meats have all the spotlight – smoked cheese is another surprisingly delightful treat. With rustic charm and robust, peppery notes, Kentucky Cheroots embraces the creamy decadence of Smoked Mozzarella. The smokiness of this beloved cheese pairs perfectly with Kentucky Cheroots’ distinctive character, transporting you to the heart of Kentucky.

What are you smokin’? Grab a pack of Kentucky Cheroots from our store to enjoy during your next backyard BBQ!