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Smoking a Parodi cigar on a Gondola in Venice, Italy

A Smokin’ Tour of Italy

February 14, 2024

Our cigar-making journey began over 100 years ago in Italy, where the Suraci brothers learned the art of creating Italian-style cigars. A trip through Italy is not just a nod to our heritage – it’s a romantic journey that links the pleasure of cigars with Italy’s rich culture and the art of intentional living.

When it comes to travel, our dry-cured cigars are the perfect travel companions. No need for a humidor – simply grab your favorite pack and embark on your Italian adventure. 

A Cigar Lover’s Tour of Italy

A parodi cigar in Venice, Italy. View from gondola during the ride through the canals.

To start our journey through Italy, we’re relaxing in Venice, the stunning Floating City, where you can relax with a cigar in hand on one of the city’s 177 canals. We’re lighting up a Parodi Speciale as we slowly drift along in a gondola for an overall smooth and harmonic smoke experience that complements the gentle flow of the city’s canals.

Enjoying a Parodi cigar and a panoramic view to Bridge Ponte Pietra in Verona on Adige river, Veneto region, Italy. Sunny summer day panorama and blue dramatic sky with clouds. Ancient european italian terracotta color houses.

The next stop on our Italian tour is the City of Love. With love in the air and a cigar in hand, Verona is the perfect place to enjoy the local food and wine. Here, we’re lighting up a Parodi Ammezzati, a medium-bodied cigar that matches the city’s blend of medieval and Renaissance charm.

Having a Parodi cigar at Twilight at Duomo Florence in Florence, Italy.

Next, we’re off to Florence with a Parodi Superiore in hand. This bold cigar matches the city’s bold history. Known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence still blends beautiful architectural styles and is the home to many stunning works of art from its namesake era.

Lighting up a Parodi Cigar at the Coliseum at night with colorful blurred traffic lights.

Now, we’re visiting Rome, where history runs deep through the city’s ancient ruins. Here, we’re smoking Parodi Kings, a robust cigar that matches the city’s timeless grandeur.

Enjoying a Parodi Cigar at an Beautiful old harbor with wooden fishing boat in Cefalu, Sicily, Italy.
Finally, we’re venturing through the Mediterranean Sea to Sicily, where romance meets history. Stunning Greek and Roman culture is well-preserved on the island, allowing you to tour the many temples and archaeological sites that remain intact. We’re savoring a Parodi Cherry Vanilla during our Sicilian adventures – a sweet cigar mirroring the island’s vibrant culture and warm hospitality.

Italy, with its rich cultural history and romantic settings, provides the perfect backdrop for a cigar aficionado’s getaway. May each puff of your favorite Parodi cigar be a reminder to enjoy the present moment, the joy of travel, and the love of life. 

Buon Viaggio e Buon San Valentino!