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Fire-curing tobacco leaves

The Art of Tobacco Leaves and Cigar Wrappers

October 7, 2023

Every great cigar starts with a great harvest journey. At Avanti, we only use the best tobacco in our cigars. Our tobacco is grown on family farms in Kentucky and Tennessee, where each plant is hand-picked to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Danilo Finizio, our Master Blender, curates the leaves, ensuring that every cigar has the perfect blend of tobacco, creating the signature flavor profile that defines Avanti cigars. We use tobacco from at least three different crop years to create a harmonious blend of flavors.

Tobacco plants in a field that will be used in Avanti cigars

Selecting the Wrapper

When choosing tobacco leaves, we always look for certain characteristics: thick body, oil, stretch, and high absorption capacity. 

What sets the wrapper leaves apart from the fill blend?

The secret to finding the perfect leaves for the wrapper leaves lies in the stalk position. We focus on the leaf and cutter sections of the tobacco plant for our wrapper leaves. After these leaves are harvested, the fire-curing process begins.

The fire-curing process adds a unique flavor profile to our cigars. The tobacco develops a much smokier, slightly sweeter taste during this process. Then during fermentation, the hand-selected wrapper leaves sweat oils and reduces nicotine to develop a richer flavor and darker color. 

Finally, each cigar is machine-cut, ready to be enjoyed right out of the package. Are you ready to light up a carefully crafted, fire-cured cigar? Find them in our shop today!