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Dipping Cigars in Spirits

March 2, 2022

Dipping cigars in fine Italian wine is a timeless tradition as old as Avanti itself. Many people have turned to dipping cigars in alcohols such as wine, sambuca, whiskey or even cognac to add a unique flavor to the smoke experience. While dipping cigars in a favorite drink before lighting up can be fun, dipping cigars in spirits is rooted in more than adding flavor to the smoke experience. 

Many people began dipping their cigars to add moisture to them. While Avanti’s dry-cured cigars don’t dry out, many other styles of cigars are susceptible to quality loss if not stored properly. When cigars begin to dry out, they lose the natural oils that contribute to the flavor. Dry cigars burn much quicker and taste stale and slightly bitter when smoked. Instead of getting rid of dry cigars, people would dip them in alcohol to rehydrate them. Using alcohol to rehydrate instead of water added more flavor to the smoke experience. It is also convenient for many cigar aficionados who enjoy a glass of their favorite spirits with their cigars. 

Dipping your cigars in alcohol is no longer necessary. For cigars that easily dry out, the humidor was invented for proper storage. Avanti’s dry-cured cigars require very low humidity to stay fresh, so no humidor is needed! With proper storage, the need to rehydrate cigars has decreased significantly over the years. 

Some cigar experts actually advise against dipping cigars, because too much moisture can negatively impact the draw of the cigar. If the cigar gets too damp, there’s a higher chance it won’t light properly. 

If you’re a fan of cigars and spirits, it’s best to enjoy your drink on the side. Whiskey, timeless mixed drinks and even refreshing Italian cocktails are excellent choices to enjoy with your Avanti cigars. Or, light up an Avanti Bourbon to enjoy the sweet flavor of bourbon combined with the intense smoky flavor of Kentucky tobacco. Not a fan of bourbon? Try Avanti’s other great flavor offerings

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