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On the Rocks

December 27, 2021

There’s many ways to enjoy whiskey. You can drink it as it is, mix it in a cocktail or even cook with it. Our favorite way to enjoy a glass of whiskey is on the rocks while smoking a Parodi cigar. 

With so many varieties of whiskey to choose from, there’s a perfect match for every Parodi cigar. 

Parodi Ammezzati + Irish Whiskey

Irish Whiskey, one of the oldest varieties of whiskey, is made with unmalted barley and is typically triple-distilled. Irish whiskeys can include both blended and single malt whiskey. The ultra smoothness of Irish whiskey is what sets it apart from other varieties of whiskey. Irish whiskey tends to be light and fruity with notes of grain and oak. Paired with the peppery roasted flavors of a Parodi Ammezzati, you’re in for a super smooth smoke experience.

Parodi Ammezzati XL + Scotch Whisky 

Similar to Irish whiskey, Scotch whisky is also made with unmalted barley, but is only distilled twice. Scotch whisky can also be single malt or blended, with single malt preferred for drinking on the rocks. Scotch whisky has similar notes to Irish whiskey, but it tends to be smokier and slightly heavier than its Irish counterpart. Parodi Ammezzati XL’s offer a longer smoke and should be paired with a drink that you can sip for the entire duration. Enjoy a glass of Scotch whisky with an Ammezzati XL for a bold, long lasting smoke experience. 

Parodi Kings + Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee Whiskey requires at least 51% corn in it’s mashbill and must be distilled in the state of Tennessee, which is also one of the states where the tobacco used in our Parodi Kings is grown. Tennessee whiskey has the familiar caramel, vanilla, and oak notes, but the corn in the blend adds extra sweetness to the drink. Tennessee whiskey is filtered with charcoal, which mellows the flavor for a lighter drink. The added sweetness of the whiskey plays well with the roasted peppery notes of the Parodi Kings, without overpowering the cigar. Light up a Parodi Kings with a glass of Tennessee whiskey for the perfect all-American smoke experience. 

Parodi Superiore + Kentucky Bourbon 

Bourbon is a special type of whiskey that must be aged in new, charred oak barrels to be considered bourbon. Kentucky bourbon is often made with 70% corn, making this drink sweeter than traditional whiskeys. We love that it’s distilled in Kentucky, another state where our tobacco is grown by local farmers. With a bolder and more intense flavor than traditional whiskey, a glass of bourbon is the perfect match for a Parodi Superiore. The intense flavor profile of Kentucky bourbon stands up to the bold, full-bodied smoke experience of the Superiore. 

Parodi Speciale + Rye

Rye must be made with a blend of at least 51% rye. Similar to bourbon, rye is aged in new, charred oak barrels. The flavor profile of rye is much more savory than many of it’s whiskey counterparts. A glass of rye will have a slightly spicy kick, much like a Parodi Speciale. Enjoy a Speciale with a glass of rye for a savory experience. 

How do you enjoy your whiskey? Try a glass with your favorite Parodi cigars today.