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The History of Dark-Fired American Tobacco

July 2, 2023

Avanti cigars have been around for many generations. Since our founding fathers left Italy to begin their cigar-making journey, many folks have enjoyed lighting up an Avanti to celebrate. However, tobacco itself has been used during celebrations and ceremonies for much longer.

Tobacco is believed to have originated in the Americas, specifically in the region that spans from present-day Mexico to northern South America. Indigenous peoples in the Americas grew and used tobacco thousands of years before Europeans. 

When European explorers arrived in the Americas in the late 15th century, they encountered tobacco and saw it being used among indigenous populations for the first time. Tobacco was introduced to Europe by Christopher Columbus and other explorers, and its popularity quickly spread. The cultivation and growth of tobacco quickly expanded across the globe.

The spread of tobacco cultivation from Central America to North America occurred through a combination of natural processes, trade networks, and the movements of indigenous peoples. The movement across the Americas to different areas with different climates also led to new varieties of tobacco. 

Each type of tobacco has distinct characteristics and uses. In North America, the main types of tobacco grown are flue-cured tobacco, burley tobacco, oriental tobacco, perique tobacco, and our personal favorite: dark-fired tobacco. 

Dark-fired tobacco is grown in Kentucky and Tennessee. This type of tobacco is robust and smoky, with a strong flavor and aroma. The tobacco leaves are cured by exposing them to open fires or in heated barns, which gives them their distinct dark color and intense flavor. Dark-fired tobacco is often used in pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, and a variety of cigars.

We love the unique, smoky flavor of the dark-fired tobacco that is used in all of our cigars. The unique low sugar, high nicotine properties of this tobacco don’t require additional moisture, so we’re able to individually wrap our cigars. They’re ready to smoke right out of the box! Shop your favorite dark-fired tobacco cigars today.