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Fermentation is Key: How Cigars and Beer Get Their Flavor

May 19, 2023

If you’re reading this, you probably love the taste of a good cigar paired with one of your favorite beers. What you might not know about cigars is that, like beer, the real magic happens in the fermentation process.

The Avanti Process

At Avanti, producing great cigars starts with handpicking the finest American tobacco out of Kentucky and Tennessee. Next, we hang the mature tobacco leaves inside our special curing barns. In order to create our unique blend of flavors, we utilize Hickory and Oak logs to fire-cure our tobacco. 

Finally, it’s time for fermentation. During fermentation (the most important step!), the tobacco leaves are arranged in large piles and undergo a controlled breakdown of organic compounds, resulting in changes to their color, flavor, and aroma. This process helps remove impurities in the tobacco and improves its smoking qualities. 

The temperature and humidity must be carefully monitored during this process to ensure that the tobacco ferments properly. The fermentation process can take several weeks or even months, but it’s worth the wait! Our team has been working on this process for over 100 years, so we have all the different combinations to create the best smoking experience for you.

Fermentation in Beer

Each and every brand of beer requires a well-controlled fermentation process, too. During the process, yeast converts sugars in the grain into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Similar to tobacco, the beer needs to be kept at a specific temperature to ensure the yeast works efficiently. A slight change in temperature can affect the flavor and aroma of the beer.

So, next time you smoke your favorite Avanti cigar, pair it with an ice-cold beer and appreciate the fermentation process that brought the unforgettable flavors together!