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Sweet Holiday Cheer with Avanti

December 12, 2022

Get a taste of Italian holiday cheer with Avanti! Holidays in Italy are celebrated with good food and plenty of decadent treats. We’d say that these traditional Italian desserts pair perfectly with our sweet Italian-style cigars.

Panettone + Avanti Cherry 

Panettone is a sweet bread that is traditionally eaten on Christmas in Italy. This dome-shaped treat is made with candied fruits and raisins. Panettone was originally considered a luxury dessert that was enjoyed only on religious holidays. Throughout the years, it has become a staple in Italian households for Christmas. 

The fruity notes of Avanti Cherry are the perfect complement to a fruit-filled slice of panettone.

Pandoro + Anisette

Pandoro is another cake that is traditionally enjoyed on Christmas day. This cake is similar to panettone but the dough is slightly yellow and similar to a loaf of brioche bread. The cake is shaped like a star and is topped with powdered sugar. 

The sweetness of Avanti Anisette highlights the sugary sweetness of pandoro.

Torrone + Avanti Vanilla

Torrone is a soft, sweet nougat-like candy that is traditionally enjoyed during the holiday season in Italy. This delightful treat is made with honey and whipped egg whites and usually contains roasted nuts. 

To compliment the nuttiness of torrone, we recommend pairing it with Avanti Vanilla. This sweet duo is the perfect pick-me-up all season long.

Are you ready to celebrate the holiday season with traditional Italian style? Find the perfect companion to your favorite holiday treats in our shop.