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Keep individual cigars sealed to maintain freshness

Fresh Dry-Cured Cigars

January 13, 2023

True to our Italian roots, Avanti continues to produce Italian-style, dry-cured cigars with fire-cured tobacco grown right here in Kentucky and Tennessee.

The combination of dry-curing and our new packaging reduces the need for a humidor when storing your favorite cigars. Whether or not you choose to invest in a humidor for your cigars, the following tips will help keep your cigars fresh!

Keep your cigars at the right temperature. 

Avanti’s dry-cured cigars should be kept at a temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Storing at much higher or lower temperatures can alter the quality of your cigars.

Store cigars at the right humidity level.

The ideal humidity level to store cigars is 65% of relative humidity, but the individually sealed cellophane wrappers keep cigars protected at lower humidity levels. 

Cigars stored at a lower humidity will smoke faster, while cigars kept at high humidity will burn slower, creating a far richer smoke experience. 

Keep individual cigars sealed.

The cellophane packaging reduces the need for a humidor by keeping the individual cigars sealed to maintain freshness. Open one up when it’s time to light up and leave the rest sealed until your next smoke. 

No humidor is needed.

As long as Avanti cigars are stored at the correct temperature and humidity levels, no humidor is needed to maintain freshness. While a humidor isn’t required, Avanti cigars can be stored in a humidor. Just a word of caution: wrappers of any cigars that are kept in high humidity levels for long periods of time are more likely to unroll, leaving a big mess behind!

You heard it here first – Avanti cigars are designed to stay fresh without a humidor. Find your favorite dry-cured cigars in our shop today!