Avanti Cigar News

Quality Packaging for Quality Cigars

October 14, 2022

Our cigar making journey started over 100 years ago when the Suraci brothers left Italy and began selling our Italian-style cigars in America. After nearly a century of creating the finest dry-cured cigars, we knew it was time to update the packaging to create a more convenient smoke experience.

Easier to Open

Our cigars now come in a new cellophane sleeve to create a more efficient smoke experience. The new packaging is designed to be easier to open so you can light up with ease. 

Less Packaging 

We’ve removed the cardboard tube from each individually wrapped cigar so there’s less waste, making it better for the environment.. Every cigar is still the same size as before, but the new wrapper is smaller and more compact. This makes the cigars easier to transport. Now, you’ll have room to carry more cigars!

No Humidor Needed

While Avanti’s fire-cured cigars never need to be stored in a humidor, the new packaging is designed to keep your cigars fresh. The new sleeve is even better for preserving the flavor and humidity of the cigars. 

Old vs. New cigar packaging

Ready for a more convenient smoke experience? Browse your favorite cigars today!