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The Rainy Season

March 25, 2023

Around this time of year, our growers in Kentucky and Tennessee are preparing for the tobacco growing season. Creating the perfect tobacco blend for our fire-cured cigars starts with finding the finest tobacco leaves. 

Like many other crops, the quality of tobacco is affected by the weather. One of the biggest factors in a quality tobacco harvest is the amount of water throughout the growing season. 

Stages of Growth 

A chart depicting the stages of tobacco growth

There are various stages of growth during the tobacco process, which all thrive in different weather conditions. 

During the seedling stage and the early stages of growth, tobacco only requires a light amount of rain and very little sunlight. As the tobacco grows, it needs both more rain and more sun, which is often readily available during the summer months. 

However, very little if any rain at all is needed during the final stages of growth. Any rain received during ripening can damage the tobacco plant. 

Rain and Tobacco

The amount of water received throughout the growing season directly impacts everything from plant growth to leaf quality and can also affect the outcome of the drying process. 

Too much water can turn the tobacco leaves yellow or suffocate the plant’s roots, causing the plant to stop growing altogether. Steady rain throughout the summer months will yield a healthy harvest season. 

We only use the finest tobacco grown in Kentucky and Tennessee in our cigars, which is hand-picked to assure the best quality. In order to create the perfect tobacco blend for our cigars, our master blender always uses tobacco from at least three different crop years that has been aged for 2 years to achieve the robust flavors Avanti is known for. 

Get your hands on a pack of our dry-cured cigars made with hand-picked, fire-cured tobacco today!