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The Full Circle Of Our Italian Roots

April 30, 2020

The Avanti Cigar Company story dates back in 1901 and it is deeply rooted and linked to the unmistakable story of our parent company’s major brand, TOSCANO® cigars.

When our founders Dominic, Anthony, and Frank Suraci left their small Italian village in Calabria to begin their new life in New York City they were both familiar and nostalgic with the cigars they used to smoke and saw the opportunity to capitalize on this passion founding in 1912 the “Suraci Brother,” which you know today as Avanti Cigar Company.

Many of the fundamentals of the “Original TOSCANO® cigars since 1818” were kept by the Suraci Brothers, they both use Fire Cured American Kentucky Tobacco and they have similar production phases in the manufacturing such as the fermentation and the dry cure process.

Many more are the things that make both of them fond of their differences, starting from the aging -which is not applied to Avanti’s-  and the solidly protected secrets behind the respective cigar blends as well as the different tobacco grading process and of course the profound differences on how the two businesses originated.

Today, we proudly announce the beginning of a new partnership that will see the Parodi Holdings managing the flagship TOSCANO® cigars online store.

Now you can go back to our original Italian TOSCANO® cigar roots by visiting

All the rest of TOSCANO® cigars distribution in the US remains unchanged, you can check both our stores and our flagship online shop at the following link.

The TOSCANO®  cigars heritage story

The dry-cured process began in 1815, with a bale of Kentucky tobacco leaves that had been drying in the open were caught in an unexpected downpour of rain. The wet tobacco started to ferment in the summer heat. Instead of being thrown away, the fermented tobacco was to be used for production and sold in Florence. Eventually, it gained popularity amongst Italians and inspired the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Ferdinand III, in 1818, to start the manufacturing and begin this incredible tobacco journey.