Avanti Cigar News

Keeping Your Avanti Cigars Fresh

April 14, 2021

In addition to producing high-quality cigars using only the finest Tennessee and Kentucky tobacco, we also aim to educate our loyal customers and keep you informed on all things Avanti. For this inaugural segment, we decided to post a series of articles that offer a crash course in how to keep your Avanti cigars as fresh as possible to preserve their true taste and quality. 

One of the most important factors when it comes to keeping your Avanti cigars fresh is making sure you’re storing them at the right temperature. Ideally, your cigars should be kept at 72 degrees fahrenheit and at 65% of relative humidity.  A frequent question we get is whether Avanti cigars need to be kept in a humidor like other “big” cigars. One of the best things about our cigars is that the way they’re packaged reduces the need to invest in a humidor! If you do decide to invest in a humidor, keep in mind that the lower the humidity is, the quicker a cigar will smoke. Conversely, cigars kept at a higher humidity level will typically burn slower, creating a richer smoke as far as taste and aroma are concerned. 

However, it is important to note that a cigar should not be humidified at high levels for too long, as this could lead to excessive humidification and cause the wrapper leaf to possibly unfold, creating a mess nobody wants to deal with. Ideally, there is no minimum or maximum amount of time that Avanti cigars should be humidified. It should also be noted that storing natural cigars together will not affect their flavor, however, storing a natural cigar with a flavored one should be avoided, as this could alter the natural cigar’s taste. 

We hope this made it easier to assess how you should properly store your Avanti cigars in order to maintain optimal freshness.