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How Avanti Dark Fire-Cured Tobacco Stands Out From the Rest

January 15, 2021

Whether you’re a cigar aficionado or casually enjoy a stogie from time to time, we think you’ll agree that the curing process is both fascinating and impressive.

Curing is the process in which harvested tobacco leaves are made ready for market. Curing is a standardized and necessary process to achieve a high quality and reduce moisture content that could prevent a tobacco leaf from being able to ignite. There are several different methods when it comes to curing tobacco leaves: air, fire, flue, sun, and fermentation. At Avanti, we boast a long history of fire-curing our cigars to create our unique body and flavor.

Avanti cigars are made from only the finest dark fire-cured tobacco from Kentucky and Tennessee. Our process is unique and ensures that each Avanti cigar delivers a high-quality and unforgettable experience. To illustrate why Avanti cigars are so special, we’ve broken down our tobacco selection and curing process so you can rest assured that you’re getting our absolute best in every cigar.

Step 1: We Hand-Select the Finest Kentucky Tobacco Leaves

A cigar is only as good as its tobacco, which is why we use only the finest hand-picked tobacco from Kentucky and Tennessee. The main characteristics we look for in a tobacco leaf are a thick body, oil, stretch, and good absorption capacity. We also age our tobacco for at least 2 years and use tobacco from at least 3 different crop years to achieve the perfect blend.

Step 2: We Fire-Cure to Perfection

Once the crops are harvested, we then hang the tobacco leaves to dry inside special barns. During this time, the leaves are smoked using Hickory and Oak logs, aka “fire-curing.” This process removes 85% of the moisture, which allows the leaves to burn evenly when lit.

Step 3: We Let Nature Take Over

Next is the fermentation process, when tobacco bales are left under the pressure of their own weight at specific temperatures that increase during transformation. We’ve been using this process for over 100 years, and we’ve perfected it down to the specific temperatures and humidity parameters we set. Afterwards, the tobacco will release its natural sugars, which offer a sweeter and more balanced flavor.

We hope that this gave you a little more insight into how your favorite Avanti cigars are produced, and what makes our dark fire-cured tobacco stand out from the rest.

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