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Avanti Salutes Our Soldiers

November 11, 2019

Cigars For Warriors is proud to announce that the partnership with Avanti Cigar Company is cementing with a new contribution in 2019. Once again, that represents a remarkable opportunity for an American company to say ‘thank you’ to our men and women deployed overseas.

Storm Boen, Chairman and CEO of Operation: Cigars for Warriors said:
“On behalf of Operation: Cigars for Warriors and the men and women serving in combat deployments, I am honored and grateful to accept this latest shipment of cigars from Avanti. With our total number of cigars shipped since 2012 approaching 1 Million, this addition to our inventory strengthens our ability to fulfill our mission.”

Luciano Simeone, Chief Operating Officer of Avanti Cigars commented:
“We are proud to provide an American cigar, that comes from an American tobacco seed, uses tobacco grown in Tennessee and Kentucky and manufactured in Pennsylvania, to our American troops!”

Operation: Cigars for Warriors is a registered 501(c)3 charity operating nationwide whose mission is to provide premium cigars and cigar accessories to US troops serving in active combat zones. Since 2012, nearly one million cigars have been donated to US servicemen and women, in addition to coffee, magazines, cigar lighters and cutters.