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Smokin’ Cocktails and Smoky Cigars

August 20, 2023

Finding the right drink to pair with your favorite cigar can elevate your entire smoke experience. What better to pair with our classic smoky cigars than smoky cocktails? The robust, smoky notes of Parodi cigars bring out the bold flavors of cocktails prepared with our favorite smoky liquors.

An old fashioned cocktail in a glass next to a Parodi Kings cigar

Old Fashioned and Parodi Kings 

This bold and smoky variation of a classic Old Fashioned uses your favorite smoked whiskey. The smoky, roasted notes and bold character of Parodi Kings stands up to the sweet and smoky flavor of this unique Old Fashioned. Get ready for an all-around robust smoking experience with a Kings in one hand and an Old Fashioned in the other.  

A mezcal mule cocktail on a table next to a Parodi Ammezzati cigar

Mezcal Mule and Parodi Ammezzati  

The mezcal mule is a smokier take on a classic Moscow mule. By swapping traditional vodka for mezcal, you’re left with a slightly smoky yet tangy drink. This delightfully smooth cocktail is perfect to pair with Parodi Ammezzati. Sipping a slightly smoky yet citrusy mezcal mule while lighting up a rich and slightly spicy Ammezzati creates the perfect sense of harmony. 

A smoked boulevardier drink next to a Parodi Superiore cigar

Smoked Boulevardier and Parodi Superiore 

Fans of the timeless Negroni will appreciate the smoky sophistication of the Smoked Boulevardier. By choosing a peated single malt whiskey, this cocktail takes on a deeper, more complex character. Its smoky and bitter-sweet profile pairs beautifully with the smoky, roasted flavors and the bold ring gauge of the Superiore. The longer length of a Superiore allows you to slowly sip and enjoy your Smoked Boulevardier. 

A scotch sour drink in a glass on a table next to Parodi Speciale cigar

Scotch Sour and Parodi Speciale 

Substitute whiskey with your favorite scotch to enjoy the smoky tart notes of a Scotch Sour. The medium intensity and roasted notes of a Parodi Speciale allow the flavors of the cocktail to shine. The gentle smoky presence of the Speciale can be enjoyed without overpowering the citrus notes in a Scotch Sour. 

Whether you’re new to the world of smoked cocktails or you’re a scotch aficionado, a Parodi cigar is sure to be the perfect partner for these smoky drinks. Grab your favorite Parodi cigars in our shop and try these smoky cocktails today.