Avanti Cigar News

Harvest Season

August 20, 2020

Our favorite time of year is the tobacco harvest season! In order for us to grow the best tobacco, it needs to live in a dry and warm location. That’s why we use the finest hand-picked tobacco from Kentucky and Tennessee. Depending on the season’s weather we normally begin harvesting in late July and early August.

During that time, our family farmers harvest the tobacco plant as a whole and groups them together as they go. Once all the plants have been harvested, we start our process to achieve the perfect blend. We let our tobacco age for at least 2 years and we use tobacco from at least 3 different crop years.

Next, we hang our tobacco leaves to dry inside our aging barns. Once the leaves are hung, we smoke them with select Hickory and Oak logs. This is a process we’ve done for 100 years known as fire curing! Lastly, the leaves go through fermentation to help develop their robust flavors while allowing them to burn evenly when lit. To learn more about how we harvest our tobacco click here.